Polco Hyundai Creta Car Cover Waterproof With Mirror Pockets, Antenna Cover and 100% Water Repellent (N-Series)

By Polco
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About this item

 All round protection with waterproof and sunproof Hyundai Creta Car Cover.

  • 100% water-repellent Non-Woven Fabric
  • UV Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant and Durable
  • Side Mirror Pockets for good fit
  • Reinforced Double Stitched with Water Resistant thread
  • V-Shape Piping Design  enhance the look
  • Elastic on all four corners of the cover for better grip
  • Built-in belt & buckle to protect during windy condition
  •  Built-in rear Antenna
  • Packaging with PVC Bag
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Durable and Impenetrable Hyundai Creta Car Cover

Your car regularly suffers with extreme weather conditions and all the dirt, dust and pollutants. The constant exposure can ultimately fade away the gloss of your car and make it look dull, faded, and pale. This ideal Hyundai Creta car cover can maintain the shine of your car for ages and protect it from all the harsh weathers.

Hyundai Creta Car Cover Waterproof Material

Constant water contact can perish the quality of the paintwork of your car and your car ultimately loses its shine. Hyundai Creta Car Cover Waterproof Material is impenetrable and does not let water pass through to fade away the shine of your car. Your car is safe even when parked outside during the monsoon.

Powerful Non-Woven Fabric

The smart non-woven fabric used in the manufacturing makes the Hyundai Creta  car cover waterproof and gives it advanced strength. It does not let any dust, dirt, moisture or bird droppings sit over the car and harm the precious lustre.

Engineered with UV Protection Feature 

The harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun are known well for their potentially harmful nature. It is found that direct exposure to the sunlight for a long time can damage the exterior of the cars as well. But Polco's Hyundai Creta car body cover comes with UV protection feature to sustain the shine of your car for years.

Inbuilt Antenna and Mirror Pockets 

The Hyundai Creta car cover retains the exact body shape of the car with its inbuilt antenna and mirror pockets which makes it user-friendly and highly efficient. The perfect fit not only gives a classy look but also increases the effectiveness of the car cover.

Double Stitch Technique 

The Hyundai Creta car cover is engineered with double stitch work of water repellent thread that gives it super reliability. It makes the cover handy to use and resistant against wear and tear.

Perfect Fit with Elastic Edges

The real protection comes with the perfect fit. Hyundai Creta car body cover gives a firm grip on the body of the car with the elastic edges that strongly hold on the vehicle and provide protection from all the sides.

Ultra Durability to Prevent Scratches 

The sturdy quality of the material and intelligent designing technique makes the car cover for Hyundai Creta ultra durable against dents and scratches. Now covering your car alone can guard your car from minor harms that the vehicles are vulnerable to, while parked.

Stunning Look with V-Shaped Piping

Ordinary car covers give a very shabby look to your car with their plain design and low quality. You can give your car a stunning look with V-shaped piping over the Creta car cover which improves the strength of the design and retains elegant shape.

Belt and Buckle to Resist Windy Conditions

Strong winds can easily blow away the conventional car covers and leave the vehicle prone to dirt, dust and harm. But the Creta car cover comes with a built-in belt and buckle that holds on the car cover during tough windy conditions and makes sure that your car is safe.


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