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India’s Best Buy Bike Engine Oil Online: Better Mileage & Few Knock-back!

Within the five months into the year 2021, over 10 million motorcycles were sold in India alone. Bikes are now modernly designed with the latest technology for excellent performance and efficiency. The only thing that keeps your bike running smoothly for years is the engine oil. Engine oils for bikes provide optimal lubrication to the vehicle mechanical parts. The fluids also clean the engine pipes and prevent them from overheating by cooling them.

Now that you are well aware that your bike’s health is entirely dependent on the type of engine oil, you can’t possibly risk choosing any kind from the market. It’s only natural to choose the highest-quality engine oil for bikes to ensure better protection, performance, and service life. However, there are simply too many options for motorcycle oil on the market, with each insisting on being better than the rest, it’s quite tricky to choose the right engine oil for your bike.

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So, What Actually is Motorbike Engine Oil?

As simple as it sounds, best engine oil for bike acts as an engine lubricant. Like oil, it flows over every moving part of the engine. The engine parts are made up of metal and without engine oil, they’ll rub against each other causing tear. When bike engine oil is poured into the engine, it forms a film between the parts, preventing components damage, and heat-up. The fluid provides better performance, smooth operations by lubricating the internal parts and components of the bike engine. The sole purpose behind using an excellent bike oil to reduce the friction between the engine’s internal parts and components.

The oil works its magic by avoiding the direct contact of the internal engine components, thus, improving the service life of your motorcycle. Along with lubrication, the lubricant also offers cooling to the bike engine. Motorcycle engine oils also comprise several additives ( chemical compounds added to the oil for improving the lubricant performance) that help to clean the engine by weeding out the contaminants.

Engine oil for bikes is measured by its viscosity and grade. Viscosity is a measure of the oil resistance to flow, or in other words, its thickness. While grading refers to the oil nature i.e either multi-grade or single-grade. The engine oil for bike is derived from base oil (95%) and additives (5%). The base oil is made up of petroleum while the additives are composed of chemical compounds such as detergents, dispersants and friction modifiers, etc.

Benefits of Bike Engine Oil

  1. Engine Lubrication -

    The key role of motorcycle engine oil is to ensure optimal lubrication to the entire parts and components of the engine to reduce friction and tear risk. As mentioned before, the motion between the internal components of the engine creates great friction that can wear down the mechanical component within a short span, resulting in a decline in efficiency, performance, and bike service life. To prevent such catastrophic incidents, the bike engine creates a thin film of the engine components and prevents them from having direct contact.
  2. Provide Engine Cooling -

    Engine oil also drives away the heating of the engine internal parts by providing effective cooling. The fluids maintain the lowest temperature of the engine. The motorbike engine oil keeps the engine in adequate operating condition by absorbing all heat generated by the moving parts of the engine. It’s a perfect coolant for your bike under high load conditions.
  3. Enhanced Efficiency & Performance -

    By keeping the vehicle cool, sufficiently lubricated, and clean, your bike gains the best fuel efficiency and performance. You get to enjoy several smooth rides on your dear bike.
  4. Keeps the Engine Squeaky Clean -

    The oil for bikes also prevents corrosion or rust formation in the engine even at a higher temperature. As we referred to earlier, engine oil is made up of two main ingredients: base oil and additives. The additives in the lubricant that comes with detergents are responsible for keeping the engine clean and effective in the prevention of any sludge formation.
  5. Long-lasting Engine -

    By using the best engine oil for your bike, you participate in the superior maintenance of the engine. Obviously, a well-maintained engine will last way longer than a poorly-managed engine. The oil for bikes helps to reduce sludge accumulation, keeping the internal components clean and well-lubricated. Remember to keep using engine oil to maximize the service life of your bike.

What’s All the Fuss About Bike Engine Oil Grades?

You want to ride your bike in numerous conditions and temperatures to not miss out on various adventures. But is your engine oil capable of letting you do so? It all comes down to the engine oil viscosity.

Viscosity in simple terms determines how fast or slow the oil runs in your engine or its thickness. Oils with low viscosity move faster in the engine while high viscosity oil is much thicker, thus, moves slower.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards have developed a numerical code system to describe the oil behavior based on its viscosity through different grading. The viscosity grading starts as low as 0, to the viscosity index till 60. It goes like 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, and 60.

You must have noticed numbers like 10W-30 on engine oil bottles. The number beside the letter W refers to the viscosity of the oil (i.e 10), suggesting that this viscosity is for lower temperatures, meaning for winter. “W”= Winter.

The 30 is the oil viscosity for when the engine is hot. It’s incredibly vital to use the right viscosity in your engine or you will invite fatal problems.

The Grading of Bike Engine Oil is Defined Into Two Different Types -

  1. Single Grade -

    Single grade engine oil has 11 viscosity grades. The 6 of the viscosity grades are ideal for low temperature and come with “W”. The eleven grades are the following: 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, and 25W for the cold environments and 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 for hot environments. Single oil grades are calculated at a temperature of 100-degree celsius.
  2. Multi-Grade -

    Nowadays, bikes are exposed to various climate and temperature changes. It requires the vehicle to perform optimally in both cold and warm temperatures. For the engine to perform better in both these conditions, additives are added to the oil to improve the performance. Thus, many engine oils are designed with winter and no-winter grades to enable the bike to run in all different seasons. Hence, the name multi-grade as the bike oil contains two grades under the SAE standard. For example, the oil number 10W-30, the 10W is the oil viscosity at a low temperature and 30 refers to the oil viscosity at 100-degree celsius.

What Differences Do Additives Make?

It’s very valid to question the importance of additives in your bike oil. After all, what does it do? Engine oil contains certain additives to improve the performance of the lubricant and keep the engine clean from internal corrosion. Here are the different kinds of chemical compounds used as additives present in your motorcycle engine oil -

  1. Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate -

    ZDDP is added to engine oil for its anti-wear properties and assuring sound operation. It protects the metallic surfaces of the engine parts with zinc.
  2. Calcium Sulphonates -

    It is used as anti-corrosion additives to prevent engine lubricants from breakdown due to oxidation.
  3. Molybdenum Disulphide -

    Composed of molybdenum and sulfur, is present in silvery black solid. It reduces friction during metal-to-metal contact and offers anti-wear properties.

Types of Bike Engine Oil

  1. Mineral Oil -

    Made up of refined crude petroleum oil with several additives for neutralizing acids, mineral oil is a fine, carbon-rich volatile substance. The mineral oil is extremely useful for new bikes. The oil provides better protection over new engines for the first few miles. It’s also useful to use mineral oil if you have a small-capacity engine.
  2. Synthetic Oil -

    Fully synthetic oil is made after several laboratory processes using advanced technology. Popular for the lowest viscosity, synthetic oils are manufactured in different ways to improve their lubrication. Thus, processing synthetic oils are quite expensive. Synthetic oil is considered ideal for all kinds of motorcycles, race bikes, and high revving machines unable to break down under high pressure. It’s a bit expensive to buy this oil, but it’s a small price to pay ensuring better protection and longer service life for your bike. Tap here to read the difference between conventional and synthetic engine oil.
  3. Semi-synthetic Oil -

    As the name gives away, semi-synthetic oil is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oil. They are suitable for high-performance motorbikes, recommended for bikes with an engine capacity of 125 to 180 cc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What happens if a bike runs without engine oil?

Ans. When a bike runs without oil, it’s a no-brainer that the engine won’t receive proper lubrication and cooling. It results in increased friction between the piston and cylinder walls, causing tear and heating in the engine’s internal components.

Q 2. Is car and bike engine oil the same?

Ans. The direct answer is no! Every oil is created differently.

Q 3. How much km to change engine oil in a bike?

Ans. It’s vital to change the bike engine oil at every 2500 to 3000 Km. According to the manual, the engine oil is recommended to be changed at the first service.

Q 4. Does motorcycle oil expire?

Ans. Like many good things coming to end, the engine oil also degrades with use. If it’s stored in a well-sealed container, then the engine oil shelf life is much longer. However, if it’s kept in an unopened sealed container, it won’t last long. Motorcycle oil lasts for the best 5 years.

Q 5. Does engine oil go bad sitting in an engine?

Ans. Yes, the oil will start to degrade over time. The sitting engine oil can also oxidize the engine’s internal components, increasing the risk of thermal breakdown.

Q 6. Is it OK to use expired engine oil?

Ans. Certainly not! Why would you use expired oil on your dear bike? Old oil is relatively inefficient and won’t be effective for improving bike performance, protection and cleanliness.

Q 7. How to check bike engine oil level?

Ans. Here is the following step to check the engine oil level -

  1. Let the engine sit idle for a few minutes after starting it.
  2. Park the cycle on the main stand on level ground.
  3. Insert the oil level dipstick and check the oil mark on it.
  4. Reinsert the oil level dipstick & check the engine level.

Q 8. Why does motor oil turn black?

Ans. Black, dirty and thick engine oil indicates that the oil is exposed to dirt and dust impurities. If the oil isn’t high-quality, black motor oil can cause risk to the engine’s internal components.

Q 9. Can we use motorcycle engine oil in a scooter?

Ans. No! Engine oil isn't the same for motorcycles and scooters. You can go wild with any brand of engine oil but choosing the same oil for scooters and your motorcycle would be wrong, especially in gearless scooters.

Q 10. What are the critical areas where the oil flows?

Ans. The motorcycle engine oil runs through the engine area like piston assembly, bearing, and valve train. Paired with the need to protect the gearbox and provide cooling and lubrication to the clutch.

Q 11. Which is the best engine oil for bikes?

Ans. Top engine oil for bikes are from brands like Gulfstar and Bosch which are available on Carorbis. These brands provide high-performance, engine wear protection and superior lubricating properties for the clutch, engine and gearbox. The best engine oil in India for bikes increase engine life and reduce emissions and pollution. They are suitable for a wide range of bikes.