Top 10 Best Foot Pump Brand List In India

Getting a flat tyre without a repair shop in sight is probably the most frustrating thing for a driver. That’s where a high-quality and reliable tyre foot pump comes to the rescue. If you are in search of the best tyre inflators in the market, then you are at the right place. We’ll narrow down the top 10 best foot pump brand list in India so that you can have peace of mind on the road. Your hassle-free journeys start here.

How Do You Choose The Best Foot Pump Brands In India?

Choosing the right portable tyre inflator can be difficult if you don’t factor in several of these key features. Here’s a list of things you should look out for in a portable Car foot pump.

Determine your needs: Do you need a compact pump for emergency use or a more powerful tyre inflator with a power socket?

Type of Inflator: A foot pump does not require a power source but is slow and will require some effort. An electric tyre inflator is fast but you need to connect it to the car’s 12 V socket to work.

Tyre Inflator

Pressure/Flow Rate: Larger SUV tyres require a higher pressure rating. Ensure that the tyre inflator you purchase can handle the pressure of your car’s tyres and inflate them efficiently.

Portability: Look for compact and lightweight designs that are easy to store and handle. A carrying case is handy if you have to keep the inflator in a dusty area or to prevent moisture from seeping into the device.

Power Source: Check if the tyre inflator can run on rechargeable batteries or if it needs a 12 V electrical socket. A manual foot pump does not need electricity or batteries, rather they have to be manually pumped.

Display: A digital LCD display with a backlight is convenient to use in the dark. Plus, you get a clear, accurate reading that’s crucial for tyre inflation. Analog displays are a little harder to read.

Easy To Use: Essentially, the foot pump should be a plug-and-play device. A complicated installation procedure could have you spending too long in an emergency.

Additional Features: You should buy a foot pump that comes with additional LED lights, pressure setting presets, an automatic shut off valve, and handy features such as a torch or phone recharger.

Build Quality: The foot pump should be made of durable materials and withstand regular use without getting damaged. Choose a high-quality brand name that is known for reliable tyre inflators.

Brand Reputation: Certain brands get good user reviews regarding their performance and value for money. Research the different brands in the market to make an informed purchase decision.

Price: Consider your budget and compare prices for different models. Look for a warranty for added peace of mind. Online car and bike accessory stores also offer refunds or exchanges if you are not satisfied with the product you buy.

Maintenance: Some foot pumps require the replacement of parts such as valves and pipes beyond their service life. Consider if you are willing to perform these tasks or would like to go with a zero-maintenance tyre pump.

Compatibility: Ensure that your portable tyre inflator is suited to your car’s tyres, or get the right adaptors to fit them. Here’s a look at the different tread patterns on car tyres.

Safety: An electric tyre inflator will get hot after use and could lead to an accident if the automatic shut-off mechanism malfunctions. Your tyre inflator must be certified as safe to use on your car.

Inflation time: Some foot pumps come with small pistons that take longer to fill up a tyre. An electric tyre inflator will fill the tyre faster, so decide on the device based on inflation times.

Hose Length: Don’t forget to check the hose length. It should be at least 1 metre for convenient use and the foot pad should be large enough for easy pumping. An anti-slip material is really useful for better grip.

By carefully considering these factors and assessing your specific needs, you can purchase the perfect foot pump or tyre inflator for unexpected flat tyres on the road. Learn the basics on how to use a tyre inflator before you choose the right one for your car.

Check Out These Top 10 Best Foot Pump Brand List In India With Price

To simplify your decision-making process, we have curated a list of the top foot pump brands in India along with their prices. This will equip you with the right information to select a tyre inflator that aligns with your needs and budget. From affordable to compact options, and robust to versatile foot pumps, we have also included electric-powered portable tyre inflators in this list for those who prefer the efficiency of a powered device.

Pro Tip: If you are planning to change your car tyres, learn about the pros and cons of using bigger tyres on your vehicle.

1. Michelin

When it comes to automotive tyre foot pumps, Michelin is a brand that stands out in terms of quality, reliability and innovation. Being a world-class tyre manufacturer has helped Michelin design the perfect tyre foot pump that is convenient, efficient and helps you out when you need it the most.


Michelin tyre inflators are compatible with a wide range of cars, SUVs, tractors, and two-wheelers and can inflate tyres in minutes without much effort. With a user-friendly design, pumping a tyre with air pressure is a straightforward process, just connect the hose and use your foot to press the pump. Michelin foot pumps inflate tyres without giving you a gym workout. Their double barrel pistons offer low resistance but high pressure without applying excessive force. In addition, a precise digital gauge gives you accurate readings so you can have a safe drive every time. These devices are also compact and convenient so that you can store them in the vehicle trunk in a neat and organised way. A truly dependable companion on all your road trips. Choose Michelin for hassle-free road trips. Prices start from Rs.1600.

2. myTVS

Maintaining your car tyre’s pressure is easy with myTVS portable inflators. Standout features of the brand’s tyre inflators include an accurate pressure gauge to avoid under or inflating tyres, which can affect performance and efficiency. These portable tyre inflators come with multiple valves, suitable for a wide range of car and SUV tyres. myTVS focuses on lightweight and portable designs which makes for convenient operation and storage in small spaces such as the trunk of the car. The compact device can go wherever you need it so that you are always prepared for an emergency flat tyre. Another key factor in myTVS portable tyre inflators is the durability that can withstand continuous use, a long-term and reliable part of your essential vehicle toolkit. These portable tyre inflators can take on the rigours of tyre inflation without compromising performance. The 12 V plug-and-play installation is easy to use so you can quickly refill your car tyre without any hassles. myTVS also offers a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and tyre inflator devices that add even more value to your toolkit. While the tyre inflator can get you out of a flat tyre emergency, the vacuum cleaner is perfect for keeping your interior spotless and free of dust. You even get a flashlight torch on this 2-in-1 device to work in the dark and in tight spaces where you would struggle to see at night. myTVS brand of tyre inflators cost around Rs.1,200.

3. Bergmann

One brand that stands for solid build quality and reliable performance is Bergmann tyre inflators. With solid metal construction, it lacks the fragile plastic parts of other brands and is built for the tough job. Also, you get reduced noise and vibration during operation with better heat management. This translates into an efficient tyre inflator that has a long life. Bergmann heavy-duty portable tyre inflators offer superior strength, durability and fast tyre inflation. The motor is of direct drive type and made from 100% copper core, so you get maximum performance from the 150 W power rating. The expected time to inflate from 0 to 30 psi is just 2 minutes. This means less time waiting on the side of the road while you fix a flat tyre. Another advantage of Bergmann brand tyre inflators is their durable braided rubber hose that’s heat and crack-proof. You also get a 3-metre-long power cord to comfortably reach all four tyres. These devices require no maintenance because there is no oil used in the mechanism. You can buy Bergmann tyre inflators online at prices starting around Rs.2,500.

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4. HSR

HSR brand of foot pumps are versatile and dependable for tyre inflation. They come with a specially designed valve head that can refill tyres without any air leaks and are suitable for cars, bikes, bicycles, sports balls and other inflatable products. HSR brand of tyre foot pumps has a high-strength aluminium alloy construction and robust build for stable operation during tyre inflation. Weighing around 400 grams, these devices are portable, compact and lightweight. A practical choice for hatchback and small car owners with limited space in their vehicles. HSR tyre inflators are affordable starting at around Rs.1,100 online.

5. Tusa

Tusa 12 Volt digital tyre inflators feature portable designs combined with efficient operation with added features such as an LED light for use at night. Inflation times are quite impressive at around 4 minutes to pump a tyre from flat to 30 psi. The extended cable length of 3.7 metres, in-built pressure gauge and automatic shut off covers all your needs for a hassle-free tyre inflator that you can carry in your car. These high-quality tyre inflators cost around Rs.3,000.

6. Qubo

Qubo portable tyre inflators boast higher inflation performance on their rechargeable batteries with a single charge. No cables and no manual foot pump mean you can fill up to 8 car tyres on a full charge without any trouble. The charging port is USB Type-C compatible and you also get over-inflation prevention, LED light and extra nozzles to inflate various tyres. You can purchase Qubo tyre inflators for around Rs.2,700.

7. Woscher

A powerful and portable solution for your tyre inflation needs, the Woscher brand provides convenience and flexibility with high-flow air nozzles and adapters for various types of tyres. The accurate pressure gauges and LED light make it well-suited for nighttime use, a reliable and essential addition to your tool kit. Portable foot pumps from Woscher start from around Rs.1,700.

8. Agaro

Agaro’s brand of tyre inflators has powerful motors for fast air pumping and long air hoses to reach all four tyres with ease. In-built digital pressure gauges give accurate readings and nozzles get a locking mechanism for secure air filling without leaks. No need to worry about over-inflation because they come with automatic shut-off valves for added convenience. Agaro tyre inflators are reasonably priced starting at around Rs.1,400.


A reliable choice for your tyre inflation needs, the Un1que brand boasts rapid inflation times and a compact build for a highly portable and efficient device. Smart preset modes and a large LCD display make real-time monitoring of tyre pressure a breeze. The brand even offers tyre inflators that double up as a power bank for your phone, thanks to inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Expect these portable tyre inflators to cost Rs.2,500.

10. Zanic

High-performance brand for tyre foot pumps, they come with a double barrel piston to reach the desired tyre pressure without much effort. A versatile solution for bikes, cars, and sports equipment, the Zanic brand of foot pumps is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can buy Zanic foot pump tyre inflators for around Rs.1,200.


Having a reliable tyre inflator is essential for any driver faced with a flat tyre. That’s why choosing the right brand in terms of power, capacity, portability, price and maintenance is important. This Top 10 best foot pump brand list in India should have made your decision a little easier. Don’t let a flat tyre ruin your journey, invest in one of these superb tyre inflators today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use a Bicycle Tyre Inflator for My Car Tyre?

Ans. Bicycle tyres have a low-pressure rating and may not be able to fill a car tyre to the required temperature. A manual foot pump will require a lot of effort to fill a larger car tyre because the pumps are designed for a maximum pressure of around 10 psi, while vehicle tyres can go up to 32 psi.

Q2. Can I Use a Foot Pump Without a Pressure Gauge?

Ans. A digital or analogue pressure gauge will help prevent over or under-inflation when filling up a vehicle tyre. Driving a car with the wrong tyre pressure can lead to increased tyre wear or safety issues. So, it is advisable to fill the car tyre to the recommended pressure for optimum driving. Check here the Difference Between Overinflated And Underinflated Tires

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