Baleno Vs I20: Price

The newly launched Baleno has made a mark with its super aggressive pricing. But a never ending debate has also started amongst the hotly contested premium hatchback segment: Baleno vs i20. Read this article to know more about Baleno vs i20 and how they fare in terms of price, mileage, specs, colours, and safety.

Baleno vs i20: Price Comparison

The price of Baleno starts at 6.35 lakh and goes up to 9.49 lakh while the Hyundai i20 is priced at 6.98 lakh to 11.47 lakh. [Since Baleno is not equipped with diesel, we only compare i20 petrol models with Baleno.]

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Baleno price is, 


1.2-litre MT petrol

1.2-litre AMT petrol


6.35 lakh

Not available  


7.19 lakh

7.69 lakh


8.09 lakh

8.59 lakh


8.99 lakh

9.49 lakh

i20 price is,


Manual [1.2 litre Naturally aspirated]

iMT [1.0 litre turbo]

DCT [1.0 litre turbo]

iVT [1.2 litre Naturally aspirated]


6.98 lakh





7.82 lakh

8.88 lakhs


8.84 lakhs


8.93 lakh 

9.98 lakhs

10.81 lakhs

9.95 lakhs

Asta optional

9.48 lakh

9.99 lakhs

11.32 lakhs


It can be inferred from the table above:

Baleno’s top model and base model are cheaper than Hyundai i20.

Automatic transmission for Baleno starts at 7.69 lakh while i20 automatic starts at 8.84 lakhs. At the same time, Baleno isn’t available with a turbo engine, nor with an iMT, iVT, or a DCT. Rather it has an AMT.

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Baleno vs i20: Mileage Test

Over here, the Baleno without any doubt wins. The Baleno gives a claimed mileage of approx. 22 kmpl combined on both cities and highways. Both AMT and manual versions have the same mileage with a slightly higher mileage given in AMT version. On the other hand, the Hyundai i20 gives a claimed mileage of 20 to 25 kmpl.

However, these claimed mileage tests are not purely accurate as they are done in ideal conditions. Real life mileage can be expected at around 18 kmpl cities and highways combined, and for the Hyundai offering, it is expected to be at around 14 kmpl [again cities and highways combined]

This is due to the Balenos highly efficient start stop system and its revered reliable engine technology. Real life mileage figures are as follows.

Engine options







88 bhp



113 Nm

171 Nm/114 Nm


5-speed MT & CVT/6-speed AT

6-speed iMT, iVT, 7-speed DCT / 6 speed MT & CVT 

Please note that the figures provided are real life tests done and can vary due to change in altitude, temperature, slope height, conditions of the road, and other factors.

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Baleno vs i20: Performance Comparison + 0 to 100 Time

Baleno in this aspect, still lags quite behind the i20, even after its facelift. This is due to the fact that Maruti decided to keep the Baleno mechanically unchanged. The Baleno is available in 1.2-litre manual petrol, and AMT petrol versions, both making the same power 88 bhp, but the AMT version is slightly slower than its manual counterpart by around a three fourth of a second in the 0-100 kmph sprint. Here we compare the engines available in top variants of both cars.


Baleno [1.2-litre manual petrol]

i20 [iMT 1.0 litre turbo]

Power figures 

88 bhp + 113 nm 

113 bhp + 171 nm

0-100 kmph

13 seconds

10 seconds

Baleno vs i20: Dimensions

The Baleno and i20 are almost at par in almost every aspect of dimensions, with height, length, and ground clearance being almost equal. Meanwhile, the breadth of the i20 is 30 mm more than the Baleno. Boot space of the Baleno is marginally 7 litres more than i20.





3990 mm

3995 mm


1745 mm

1775 mm


1500 mm

1505 mm

Ground clearance 

170 mm

170 mm


2520 mm

2580 mm

Boot space

318 litres

311 litres

Baleno vs i20 Miscellaneous – Safety, Space, and colour options

Baleno vs i20 on basis of space – The dimension figures, although reflect that the Baleno is smaller than i20, the i20 is still less spacious than the Baleno. However, even the Baleno is a bit cramped as compared to other subcompact rivals such as Tata Punch [yes, the price bracket is quite similar], Venue and other lower models of subcompact SUVs [except for Sonet which also has poor seating space at the rear].

So if space is your priority, it is advisable to stretch the budget a tiny bit to go for the lower models of subcompact SUVs. Or maybe buy a new car from the new segment created by Tata Punch and Maruti Suzuki Ignis. However if budget is a constraint, then Baleno would be the pick amongst both the hatchbacks.

Baleno vs i20 on basis of safety – Although it is hard to say which one is the safer one amongst the two without their NCAP ratings, considering Maruti has upped their steel strength and included a number of active and passive safety features, it is safe to assume that Baleno is now the safer car. [Another way to check is by closing the doors and checking the thud sound].

Baleno vs i20 fit and finish – The Baleno in this matter is just an inch behind i20, only when we compare similarly priced variants, i.e top model of Baleno [Alpha] with Asta Manual. On comparing i20 with Baleno via the top variants, i20 for sure wins, due to its plush interiors.

The same is the case when we compare the base variants of Baleno and i20. The Balenos interior looks bare bones, with the dashboard looking out of place. I20 however, has managed to keep the overall design in place, even though both variants have almost the same features on board.

Baleno vs i20 colour options –



Opulent Red

Fiery Red

Splendid Silver

Typhoon Silver

Luxe beige

Metallic Copper


Fiery red turbo

Nexa Blue

Starry night

Arctic White

Polar white

Grandeur Grey 

Titan Grey

Only the i20 is equipped with dual tone options, while the Baleno isn’t offered with this. The i20 dual tone colour option is offered only on select variants, with a marginal increase in price. The dual tone colour options are –

  1. White + Black roof
  2. Red + Black roof

So this was everything you needed to know about the detailed comparison between Baleno vs i20, with in detail attributes such as Price, Specs, Mileage, specs, performance, safety, specs and our final verdict.

We at Carorbis hope that this article helped you to learn about the differences. If you found this blog enlightening, make sure to check out other interesting articles on the Carorbis Blog and also read Baleno Pros and Cons at the end in this article – 2022 Baleno Variant wise Price, Specs, Mileage & more.

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